Shopping In The Short North

If you’re looking for a great place to rent surrounded by the best shopping in the Short North, you’ll want to rent with Wood Companies. Located in a thriving hotspot that extends approximately a mile and a half along High Street from Nationwide Boulevard to King Avenue, you’ll love living in an unbeatable location where everything is accessible. 

A friendly community filled with creative art, great shopping, and entertainment, you’ll admire living in one of our convenient residences where accessibility is everything – especially if you love to shop! 

short north luxury apartments | wood companies

Something For Every Taste

Whether you’re searching for a cozy one-bedroom or a spacious two-bedroom, we have just what you need. Without compromising the timeless history of the Short North, we give you a modern living experience in the heart of Columbus’ most sought after urban community just minutes from downtown.

You will smoothly add your personal style in our generously sized residences making it into a home you’ll never want to leave. Relishing the luxury of living in the Short North, you’ll discover there’s something for every taste as you see what your surroundings have to offer. 


City Living At Its Finest

With easy access to everything you need, you can walk anywhere from shopping and dining to health clubs and sports venues. Living in the Short North District, you’ll have an energetic community at your feet where you can immerse yourself in a diverse culture full of art, fun, and convenience. 

A district full of local shops, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of stylish boutiques and local shops with an array of outstanding restaurants, shopping and entertainment options all within walking distance from your front door such as Homage, Thread, Ladybird LLC., and many more places to browse.

If you love the nightlife scene, the Short North District is definitely the perfect place to be. An energetic town any day of the week, you’ll find yourself in the center of great drinks and fun where you can hit the dance floor, socialize with friends at one of the district’s local breweries, or you can even enjoy a live play at one of the nearby theatres. 


Thriving. Local. Home.

Setting a perfect example of urban revitalization, this blooming neighborhood is home to many local businesses, art, nightlife, restaurants, and shopping where you can take part and have a great time. 

No matter which one of our apartment homes to chose to reside in the Short North Arts District, you’ll get around town with ease. With a number of public transportation options, exploring the town is always a breeze. Whether walking, riding a bike, hopping on the bus, utilizing the rideshare option, or even driving your own vehicle, the Short North has you covered. 

If you’re searching for a fantastic place to live, our properties in the Short North Arts District has it all. Come see its vibrant culture and unique flavor for yourself. Contact us today for your tour!  

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