Short North Arts District – The Art And Soul Of Columbus

Recognized as one of Columbus’ trendiest neighborhoods, the Short North Arts District is a great place for renters. A thriving hotspot for creativity and entertainment, this eclectic neighborhood is filled with anything from art galleries and local boutiques to bars and hip restaurants. 

While the Short North stretches approximately a mile and a half along High Street from Nationwide Boulevard to King Avenue, you’ll always find great things to do in the Art and Soul of Columbus.

The Heart Of The Local Art Scene

A place filled with a plethora of fine art galleries, theaters, shops, restaurants, and hotels proudly hangs the masterpieces of local visionaries. Celebrating the artistic and creative abilities of local artists, The Short North Arts District is the home of over 15 art galleries. A place that hosts an evening Gallery Hop on the first Saturday of each month with live music and delicious food, you’ll find great opportunities to experience the art of Columbus as many venues on High Street transform into an alluring art gallery.

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Discover The Arts District’s Sights And Sounds

The most vibrant spot in the city, you’re always surrounded by upbeat sights and sounds of the town. Whether you’re looking for new clothes, a great bite to eat, or the best bars around, the Short North is a thriving place to be. 

A fashion forward district, you’ll find stylish boutiques that can be found at places such as Anthropologie, Homage, Jolie, Premium Kicks, and more. You’ll be sure to find the perfect item from the latest shoes to a vintage-inspired tee where you can support your favorite team. 

Also offering the best food in the city, you won’t have to travel far for a savory meal or great drink. While places like The Guild House, Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse, Martini Modern Italian, and more offers a range of upscale dining, you’ll also find delicious delights at casual eateries such as Melt Bar & Grilled, Lemongrass, The Eagle, and many more great bites around the district where you can kickback and have a great time.

If you love the nightlife scene, the Short North District is definitely the perfect place to be. An energetic town any day of the week, you’ll find yourself in the heart of great drinks and fun where you can hit the dance floor, socialize with friends at one of the district’s local breweries, or you can even enjoy a live play. 


Thriving. Local. Home.

Setting a perfect example of urban revitalization, this blooming neighborhood is home to many local businesses, art, nightlife, restaurants, and shopping where you can take part and have a great time. 

No matter which part of the Short North Arts District you choose to reside, you’ll get around town with ease. With a number of public transportation options, exploring the town is always a breeze. Whether walking, riding a bike, hopping on the bus, utilizing the rideshare option, or even driving your own vehicle, the Short North has you covered. 

If you’re searching for a fantastic place to live, The Short North Arts District has it all. Come see its vibrant culture and unique flavor for yourself.    

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