Rent, Eat, And Drink At The Best Short North Restaurants

If you’re looking to rent in one of the most vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods in the midwest surrounded by the best Short North restaurants, you’ll want to rent one of our charming apartment homes. Centered in a district bursting with creative art, great shopping, delicious restaurants, and entertainment, you’ll be glad you chose to rent with Wood Companies. 

With the help of local businesses and organizations, we are dedicated to making sure the Short North remains a thriving community that residents and visitors can enjoy. 

short north luxury apartment | wood companies


Cozy. Vibrant. Simple.

Whether you’re searching for a comfortable one-bedroom or a roomy two-bedroom, we offer living that’s modern, vibrant, and simple without compromising the artsy and timeless history of the Short North District.  


Delectable Restaurants – Delectable Living

The Short North District is the perfect place to be when you want great

food in a fun atmosphere. Start your day off right with breakfast at Belgian Iron Waffle Company, Northstar Cafe, The Lox Bagel Shop, and more. Grab a bite during lunch at Forno, Harvey & Ed’s Delicatessen, Brassica, and a plethora of other restaurants that you can enjoy. There are even places to kick back and have a good time such as Wine on High, The Eagle Food & Beer Hall, Hubbard Grille, and Lemongrass where you can eat, socialize, and have a good drink. 

While living in the Short North District, you’ll have a thriving neighborhood at your disposal where you can discover a world of diverse culture, delectable food, fun, and convenience. 

Brunner Building Aerial View | wood companies

A Thriving Place To Call Home

Home to a variety of local businesses, art, nightlife, restaurants, and shopping, you’ll always be entertained in this community. With our diverse residences throughout The Short North, you’ll love one of our many floor plans. 

Adding your own personal touch to one of our rental properties in a location that’s thriving, makes your new residence the perfect place to call home.


Get Around Town With Ease

No matter which one of our stylish properties you choose, exploring your surroundings is never a hassle. With a number of public transportation options, exploring the town is always a breeze. Venture out on foot, ride a bike, hop on the bus, utilize the rideshare option, or even drive your own car. No matter how you choose to get around town, the Short North has you covered when it comes to traveling with ease. 

If you’re searching for an exciting place to call home with the best Short North restaurants, renting from Wood Companies is your best bet. Contact us to tour one of our properties and see what we have to offer.

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